Robocalls down? FCC limits illegal calls, tasks phone companies with blocking them

The FCC has taken another step in its never-ending fight with unwanted robocalls. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission set new rules putting more responsibility on phone companies to prevent them from getting through.
What are these new FCC rules about? Under them, voice service providers will be required to better police their networks to block robocalls. Consumers will be notified when calls are blocked and can request a list of all blocked calls. The phone companies also would be required to aid the FCC and law enforcement in identifying the origin of the robocalls.

"Americans are sick and tired of unwanted and illegal robocalls, and today’s separate actions are like a one-two punch to ward them off," said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. "Today, we are putting much-needed limitations on robocalls to our homes, and taking additional steps regarding call blocking that will yield significant improvements for consumers." (source: FCC)
Also, the Commission reviewed exemptions on non-telemarketing robocalls made to residential phones from non-commercial, commercial, and tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. Based on this review, the Commission amended its rules to limit the number of exempted calls to three calls to any residential phone from any caller within any consecutive 30-day period.
Till now, there was no limit on the number of non-telemarketing robocalls that any caller could make to a residence. Callers are also now required to allow consumers to opt-out of these calls.

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